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Slimcleaner Plus Customer Service +1((888))763-1555 Telephone Number

SlimCleaner Plus Customer Service | Virus Removal ServicesSlimcleaner Plus, which is a premium edition of SlimCleaner that work on a powerful, comprehensive utility, combines the best IT tools. In the real sense, Slim cleaner is designed to assist customers who are computer users, technicians, and technical support personnel’s in the work of clearing and optimizing computer systems.

Many people, however, have little information on how SlimCleaner Plus reaches their clients and how the entire SlimCleaner plus Customer Service team helps clients. This article is a comprehensive guide on SlimCleaner customer service Telephone Number and how the entire SlimCleaner work to help their clients. Take time and have a look.

How Slim Cleaner Work

Slimecleaner works to improve the PC performance of a computer by giving a remedy to problematic Windows registry, offloading the hard drive, and deleting any junk files. Further, Slim Cleaner Plus provides community- based recommendations, alerts to let people know when remove suspicious software happens, and the ability to outline and recognize new antivirus software.

For you to download and activate slim cleaner, you need to have installed windows ten on your computer. Apart from software services that SlimCleaner Plus offer, they stand the only company with the most exceptional customer care service desk.

SlimCleaner Plus Customer Services –

Customer services offered by SlimCleaner Plus are based on premium utilities. If you are a customer to SlimClearner, you are lucky since this company has at least three channels you can use to contact them. You can make an order of their software, launch a complainant if any or ask for clarifications. The following are the legit channels to use and talk to SlimCleaner Plus customer care service desk.

1). Emails –

If you got any burning issue you would need to be addressed; you can reach SlimCleaner Plus on [email protected] Your email goes direct to the technical support team. It is important to note that if you want your response email within the shortest time possible, you need to quote your problem. The legit process of emailing SlimCleaner Plus involves visiting their website and clicking on the menu ‘Contact Us.’ A bar appeals on the computer screen that requires you to fill the nature of your query. It can be a product related question or another issue that is subject to the company.

2). Phone Contact –

If you feel phone contact is the best channel for you to reach SlimCleaner Plus, you can always use +1 888-763-1555. This number is a hotline that works on 24/7 terms. Be sure to speak to a team of competent technical support staff and your problems will be settled instantly.

3). Live Chat –

The other method you can reach the customer care desk of SlimCleaner Plus for inquiry is through live chat. However, you will need to have an account with them, so you need to sign up first.

SlimCleaner Plus also has a customer care desk that deals with issues related to billing inquiries and refunds. If you did make an order of software and felt it didn’t work for you well, or want to buy with them, you can reach them on the refund/billings customer care desk. The email to use is [email protected] Once you present your issues with the customer support desk, your response is generated with 24 hours.


According to SlimClearner Plus, the will of the customer is ever right. They, however, continue to advise customers on needs to cooperate with the customer’s support team to get adequate help. SlimClearner Plus denotes that some software technology can be too demanding and in case a customer raises a query; it might need time for them to research through and give a remedy. That is the reason they call on their customers to be quite patient as their issues are being addressed.

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